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Every Door Direct Mail is the way to go for reduced postage and no mailing list

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Example of an Every door Direct Mailer from a local Jensen Beach pubEvery Door Direct Mail is  a cost effective service offered by the U.S. Postal office that allows business to mail by route rather than having to purchase a mailing list. This EDDM program gives you the opportunity to saturate specific neighborhoods in your local market without the need for names, addresses or permits. Yes, it is a great way to send your promotional and advertising material directly into the hands of potential customers while reducing the mailing cost. A member of our staff has attended the "Grow Your Business" workshop provided by the USPS and the Small Business Development Center and is eager to help you. Pelican Printing is here to assist you through all the steps to kick start your EDDM marketing campaign. From designing your mailer, to selecting your target areas, to bundling and the final delivery to the post office. You can depend on us at Pelican Printing.

Why Choose Every Door Direct?Mailers Designed, printed and bundled by Pelican Printing. We will help you every step of the way

EDDM USPS Postal Mailers catch attention.

Direct mailers are an effective means of advertising. Everyone checks their mail and looks through and scans what they recieved. Since there is a lot less competition for the customers attention when they are going through their mail, they are more likely to see your ad and remember it. Unlike an email which is usually sent to trash or other advertisment methods that have the ads competing for attention, EDDM helps you stand out. Reciepents of direct mail see it as less intrusive than other kinds of marketing, making them more receptive to your message.

Bring more traffic to your business.

EDDM helps you create more visability in your community. Have an event or a special coming up? Get the word out using a direct mailer and get to everyone in an area without purchasing a mailing list. Take advantage of the lower postage to advertise your business.

EDDM is a simpler way of mailing for your business. Easily blanket an area by using the USPS routes

General EDDM Requirements.

Basic Standards

  • Mailpieces and mail bundles must comply with Postal Service standards.
  • Mailpieces are limited to Standard Mail flats only.
  • Each mailpiece must display the appropriate Every Door Direct Mail indicia.
  • Users may mail up to 5,000 mailpieces per day per ZIP CODE, with a minimum of 200 mailpieces.
  • Only entire routes can be added, no partial routes.
  • Mailers must be bundled appropriatly with a piece count per bundle. Recommended bundle size is 50 to 100 pieces. 


  • Mailer must be rectangular with four square corners (a square is considered a rectangle)
  • It must be more than 10.5" in length OR 6.125" in height OR 0.25" thick.
  • Mailers CANNOT be more than 15" long, 12" high, and 0.75" thick.
  • In order to qualify for EDDM the mailer cannot exceed 3.3oz when submitted at a local Post Office.

We have found the standard size of 9"x6.5" to be a good size to start with.

Confused or don't know where to start? 

Let us help you with the process. We have years of experience with Every Door Direct Mail and can aide and guide you through the process. Come on in to our office or give us a call today 772-334-6565 to get you started on your Every Door Direct mailer.  

More information: 

For the Post Office's quick referance guide click here.  

For a complete list of requirements and processes for the EDDM program click here. 

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